5 Benefits You Will Gain From An IOSH Course

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IOSH stands for the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health. Here at Project Skills Solutions we offer a range of IOSH courses available at our various training centres, nationwide. But what’s the point of taking an IOSH course if you’re unaware of the benefits right? In today’s blog we will… Read More »

What Is a Duvet Day & Do They Actually Help?

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So I’m sure many of you are aware of World Mental Health Day, which is every year on the 10th of October. The purpose of this day is to raise awareness of mental health issues around the world in hopes to improve the support of mental health. Which is why… Read More »

Can an Open Plan Office Cut Workplace Stress?

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Love them or hate them, open plan offices are a very common working environment. Can they reduce stress levels? We look at a new study to find out if open plan offices help to reduce stress at work and how this fits in with health and safety. Open plan offices… Read More »

3 More Ways to Improve Your Safety Culture at Work

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Following on from our blog post at the start of the year, we look at 3 more methods that you can use which will improve your workplace culture to ensure that health and safety is viewed positively by everyone.   At the start of the year we blogged about enhancing… Read More »

What Will Driverless Cars Mean For Health & Safety?

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Are driverless cars about to become the norm on our roads? Can they be used to create a safer environment? We explore these questions as well as how it might impact on people who work in driving occupations in the UK.   Driverless cars sound like something from the distant… Read More »

Tips to Stay Safe Working Outside in the Sun

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It’s that time of year again. The long (almost never ending!) winter is becoming a distant memory as we brush off the BBQ and soak up the rays. Summer is here but while it lifts everyone’s spirits, extra precautions should be taken for outdoor workers. Many of us are envious… Read More »

Can Shift Work Cause Heart Disease?

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The link between shift work and various health problems isn’t a new phenomenon. Various studies have been carried out that claim to show a correlation between shift work (particularly night shift) and a number of health issues including cardiovascular problems. In fact, a study carried out by the International Agency… Read More »

Whose Responsibility Is It to Provide PPE?

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Every job comes with a degree of risk however in certain occupations working with hazardous materials or in dangerous conditions is much more common. In November 2017, we looked at the latest statistics from the Health and Safety Executive. It showed that there were over 70,000 injuries reported by employers… Read More »

This Is Why You Should Use Your Breaks At Work

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How many people take an actual break at work? We don’t mean looking up from your computer for 30 seconds while you discuss the football or what you were watching on TV last night. We mean getting away from your desk or where you work and completely switching off from… Read More »

What is a Fee for Intervention?

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Health and safety enforcement is on the rise after a number of years of falling statistics. The number of notices issued in 2016/17 was 11,913 however the number of prosecutions fell to 554. Not every health and safety breach is prosecuted and it is only the most serious of offences… Read More »

What Do HSE Inspectors Look For When Visiting Your Business?

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When an inspector from the Health and Safety Executive or your local authority visits your business premises, what are they actually looking for? We all know that their job is to ensure that you remain compliant with the law and that your business provides a safe working environment for everyone… Read More »

Is Asbestos Exposure Still A Problem In The UK?

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These days pretty much everyone knows that asbestos is incredibly harmful. Even though learning of the dangers of asbestos is relatively new – ‘asbestos shovelling competitions’ used to take place in 1960’s – there has been a general acceptance for years that coming into contact with asbestos is a bad… Read More »


The room size was just right. The facilities were comfortable and the refreshments were free flowing providing an environment that was perfect for concentration. The trainer (Robin) was excellent. He maintained a pace that everyone was able to keep up with, the subject matter was kept interesting, he was evidently… Read More »

Debbie Dowsett

On day 1, Keith described the three types of people that attend courses and I was identified as a hostage! Attending this course was a requirement and I will be honest, I had a mountain of paperwork on my desk and did not want to be there. By the end… Read More »

Dave Critchell – ARCS Environmental Ltd

I organised IOSH Managing Safely for staff all of whom enjoyed the 4 days and I am pleased to say all passed. I have had very positive feedback about Robin the trainer and the course has generated a great deal of discussion and thought . My contact Jo at PSS… Read More »

Peter Dickinson – East Hertfordshire District Council

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