Is Asbestos Exposure Still A Problem In The UK?

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These days pretty much everyone knows that asbestos is incredibly harmful. Even though learning of the dangers of asbestos is relatively new – ‘asbestos shovelling competitions’ used to take place in 1960’s – there has been a general acceptance for years that coming into contact with asbestos is a bad… Read More »

Advice To Protect New Starters In Your Workplace

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The risk of an accident happening at work is much higher within the first 6 months of a new employee starting their job. In fact, the reportable injury statistics show that there were 3,316 injuries reported for employees within the first 6 months of them commencing employment compared to just… Read More »

Hard Hats and Health and Safety – What You Need To Know

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How important is it to wear a hard hat on a construction site? In the construction industry in the UK, 3% of workers sustain a work-related injury and 11% of these injuries are from being struck by an object. In fact, another 66,000 injuries are estimated to go unreported every… Read More »

What does the HSE do?

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The Health and Safety Executive (or HSE) is the organisation that oversees health, safety and welfare in the workplace across Great Britain. Northern Ireland has its own body that looks after workplace safety. While the HSE name is well-known, not everyone is clear on its specific role. In this week’s… Read More »

E-Learning vs Face-To-Face – What Method Is Better?

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Learning a new skill, taking a course or undergoing training to further your career doesn’t mean sitting in a classroom anymore. In fact, e-learning is incredibly popular and has been growing dramatically in recent years. A study in 2015 showed that 23% of students wouldn’t undertake a degree if there… Read More »

3 Manual Handing Risk Assessment Factors To Consider

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Many jobs require manual handling to a certain extent. This can be consistently throughout the day or even just now and again however regardless of how often it is required risk assessments need to be made to ensure safety. Over a million individuals in the UK suffer from a musculoskeletal… Read More »

How Does Health and Safety Apply To Lone Workers

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Many people in the UK are deemed as ‘lone workers’. If you regularly work by yourself without direct supervision, then you fall under this category. In fact, many people don’t even realise they are lone workers because while they might physically work with other people, they don’t work with their… Read More »

What Is IOSH’s Work 2022 Health & Safety Strategy?

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We are generally safer in the workplace today than we have ever been at any point in the past. This is largely due to stricter legislation and health and safety regulations that have effectively dealt with lax safety practices. Employers are under more scrutiny than ever to ensure the wellbeing… Read More »

Cost Recovery Dispute Process To Become Independent Of HSE

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The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) that ensures businesses are following relevant health and safety legislation has announced that it is aiming to make the cost recovery dispute process fully independent. In recent years, there has been a clamp down on businesses that breach health and safety law either by… Read More »

Putting Proper Waste Management Into Practice At Work

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Discarding of your business waste is of paramount importance in order to comply with health and safety regulations. Many businesses fall foul of these laws every year and the fines for incorrectly or illegally disposing of commercial waste can run into the tens of thousands of pounds and imprisonment is… Read More »

Has Sick Leave Fallen Over The Past 10 Years?

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Surely we have all considered ‘throwing a sickie’ at some point in our working lives. In the vast majority of cases employees genuinely are sick. This can be either a physical illness or a mental health issue and it is the reason why we are allowed a certain amount of… Read More »

What Impact Does Mental Health Have On Health & Safety?

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Health and safety is often associated with physical problems. When you think of safety in the workplace most people conjure up the image of someone falling off a ladder or not shutting down machinery properly. While we blogged about Reducing Workplace Stress to Improve Health and Safety a few months… Read More »


The room size was just right. The facilities were comfortable and the refreshments were free flowing providing an environment that was perfect for concentration. The trainer (Robin) was excellent. He maintained a pace that everyone was able to keep up with, the subject matter was kept interesting, he was evidently… Read More »

Debbie Dowsett

On day 1, Keith described the three types of people that attend courses and I was identified as a hostage! Attending this course was a requirement and I will be honest, I had a mountain of paperwork on my desk and did not want to be there. By the end… Read More »

Dave Critchell – ARCS Environmental Ltd

I organised IOSH Managing Safely for staff all of whom enjoyed the 4 days and I am pleased to say all passed. I have had very positive feedback about Robin the trainer and the course has generated a great deal of discussion and thought . My contact Jo at PSS… Read More »

Peter Dickinson – East Hertfordshire District Council

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