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Since the covid pandemic, eLearning has become much more mainstream, and eLearning courses are recognised as a way more people choose to learn. Gone are the days when being face-to-face in a classroom was the only way to gain qualifications.  

Although some people feel much more at ease within a classroom environment with support at their fingertips, if you can take responsibility for your own learning and take ownership of it and the learning time, then eLearning is a venue to follow.  

Project Skills Solutions has identified that some of its customers and workers from any level and any industry would benefit from being able to study its courses this way; therefore, it has made an upgraded version of its eLearning platform available to study the IOSH Working Safely via eLearning.

As eLearning courses can be studied anytime, anywhere, this means that a trainer does not take you through your learning journey. However, Project Skills Solutions is available through our online messenger from 9 am to 5 pm if you need support. 

Why study IOSH Working Safely eLearning? 

You can complete our eLearning courses in your own time, which means they are perfect to fit around a busy schedule, and all the while know how far you have got through using the tracker on your home screen. Having the flexibility and convenience to complete IOSH Working Safely wherever and whenever means there is no need to travel – all you need is an internet connection. 

In addition, your employer can save money as no classroom or trainer costs, improve training accessibility and consistency for all employees since eLearning flexibility fits around work schedules, and reduce the company’s environmental impact. 

What format IOSH Working Safely follows? 

The IOSH Working Safely eLearning course is split into four parts: 

  • Part one: introduces working safely by identifying why it is essential to work safely and everyone’s responsibilities in the workplace regarding safety 
  • Part two: defines hazard and risk by exploring what can cause harm and how it can be controlled 
  • Part three: identifies common hazards in a range of workplaces-, and what can be done about them 
  • Part four: covers how organisations can work to improve safety performance and what your and your employer’s responsibilities are. 

It is the same format and content you would receive in the classroom or virtual course, with the same awarding body certificate. It takes six hours, and as it is split into four parts, it provides convenient places to pause if you decide to study over a day to a few days (although there is no limit to how long you can take).  

Also, there are a variety of question types to test your knowledge and understanding throughout each part to prepare you for the final assessment. You have up to an hour to complete the final assessment questions, and to pass the course; you need to achieve at least 36 out of 60. If you attain the required level to pass, you are issued a level 1 certificate. 

Do I need IOSH Working Safely?

Everyone can benefit from the IOSH Working Safely course, no matter what level you are or the environment you work in. As you will learn if you take this eLearning course, safety is everyone’s responsibility, and there is something for everyone to take away from it: learning how to spot hazards, where to go for professional support from the HSE (Health & Safety Executive) or how to empower your workforce to take safety and health seriously, building a solid foundation of its importance within the company.  

IOSH Working Safely – did you know?

  • There are hazards associated with the workload that is recognised as being harmful to health. 
  • Approximately 153 workers are involved in a workplace accident every 15 seconds (ILO, April 2017). While in Great Britain, 123 workers were killed in work-related accidents in 2021/22 (HSE, March 2022) 
  • It is your duty to tell your employer, if you drive or operate machinery, that you are taking medication that makes you drowsy. 

IOSH Working Safely – think you know?

Why not test yourself with our IOSH Working Safely mock assessment; the pass mark is 36 out of 60 (60%) see how you do!  

Ready to book your IOSH Working Safely course?

Whatever your learning style, we have a course that will suit you: eLearning, virtual or classroom-based. If you want to find out more about the differences, pros, and cons of the individual course types, then check out our blog. 

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