Spring Cleaning Your Workplace Health and Safety Procedures

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The days are longer, the sun is shining more often and the summer is on its way – spring is a lovely time of year. It is also the perfect time for assessing your space and making fresh new changes – there is a reason that the famous idiom spring cleaning is so popular around the globe.

While you may look forward to (or even dread) doing a deep spring clean of your home, vehicle or garden, you may not think to apply the same level of spring time care to your workplace – but you should. A cleaner, more organised workplace is not only great for your productivity (and even your bottom line), it will go a long way to prevent injury, accident and fire.

A clean workplace will motivate your employees

Is your office space dusty, cluttered or messy in any way? Studies have shown that employees often report feeling demotivated, anxious and irritated when their workplace is in poor condition, and these feelings can certainly contribute to low mood and even lowered productivity.

If your workspace is feeling a bit tatty, out dated and cluttered, your employees would probably love the opportunity to help you give it a lift, even if only by giving their opinions. Renovating your workspace does not have to be a huge endeavour. A lick of paint, a good deep clean (perhaps hire a professional for this part of the task), a few houseplants and some decorative elements can make all the difference when it comes to the ‘liveability’ of the space.

A good spring cleaning can keep your office clutter-free – and safe

As an employer, you have a legal responsibility to keep your space free from clutter. Halls and corridors filled with piles of junk and paper, emergency exits blocked with furniture and stairwells used as storage spaces – these can all impede an evacuation if an emergency or accident were to arise. A lot of clutter can also be a tripping hazard, and lead to workplace injuries and even broken bones.

These piles of paper, junk and rubbish can also contribute to a huge workplace safety hazard – fires. The National Fire Protection Association warns of “the dangers of too much stuff” – basically, large amounts of clutter can provide fodder for fire, and they can also obscure frayed wires and other ignition sources. The London Fire Brigade will even arrange a visit to your space in order to ensure you are abiding by all of the rules.

‘Spring cleaning’ your policies and training

Spring can also be a good time to turn over a new leaf and take a fresh look at your health and safety policies. Ensure that your staff is well trained in all safety procedures by arranging refresher courses and taking the opportunity to post information in heavily trafficked area.

By taking this time to assess your workplace health and safety procedures and policies you will help ensure that the year ahead is happier and healthier!


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