Five Health and Safety Accessories Every Workplace Should Have On Hand

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No matter what industry your company is involved in, you need to take steps to ensure the health and safety of your staff, your guests and your customers. These simple and affordable accessories will keep your workplace safe and protect the health of your team.


  1. Stickers – We don’t mean a sticker album full of hearts and stars; while kids love stickers, you should too – they can potentially keep your staff safe and free from danger in your workplace environment. Depending on your industry, you will need different stickers to warn your employees or guests about potential hazards. Some basic stickers that every office or workplace should always have on hand include danger signs, warnings of electrical hazard, stickers alerting them about machinery instructions and of course, the ever-useful “No Entry” sticker.
  2. A fire extinguisher – Having a fire extinguisher in a clearly accessible and well-lit area can be the difference between a disastrous fire and a small accident that is easily quelled. Installing a fire extinguisher is only the first step – you must also ensure that a licensed professional inspects it annually. Don’t skip this affordable object – having a fire extinguisher on hand can save lives and property.
  3. A well stocked First Aid Kit – No matter how vigilant you are, accidents happen from time to time. One of the best things that you can do to prepare is to ensure that you always have a well-stocked first aid kit on hand to help deal with minor cuts, scrapes, burns and injuries. It should include plasters, tweezers, antiseptic, gauze, bandages, ointment and other materials specific to your trade. Remember – don’t try to do too much yourself – if the person seems severely injured, call 999 immediately and follow the instructions of the operator. Many of the items in your first aid kit can help stabilise the injury until paramedics arrive.
  4. Wet Floor Signage – A spill and a freshly mopped floor have one thing in common: they are massive slip hazards. While you might not think of workplace slips as a major problem in your industry, any one place of business can be affected by these slips and trips which can result in broken bones, concussions and even worse. The moment you notice a wet patch on the floor, bring out a wet floor sign to let everyone know to exercise caution around this area. While it may not seem like a big deal, these signs can save productivity – and even lives.
  5. Health and safety gear – Having a few hardhats, safety gloves, goggles and flame retardant coveralls on hand makes good sense for most businesses. In the event of a serious disaster, you should always contact 999, and you should always hire a professional to do all plumbing and electrical work – but there will be times that you have to step in in an emergency. Falling electrical lines, a collapsed ceiling, a minor flood –safety gear could really help protect you and your team.

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