What Is The Maximum Fine For A Breach of Health And Safety?

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Employers are now being fined more than ever if they fall foul of health and safety legislation. From January 2016 to January 2017 £76.7m worth of fines were dished out to employers that failed to keep their workers safe. This is over double the amount from the year before. A… Read More »

3 Manual Handing Risk Assessment Factors To Consider

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Many jobs require manual handling to a certain extent. This can be consistently throughout the day or even just now and again however regardless of how often it is required risk assessments need to be made to ensure safety. Over a million individuals in the UK suffer from a musculoskeletal… Read More »

Who Is Responsible For Health and Safety In Your Workplace?

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The right to work in a safe environment is enshrined in health and safety law in the UK however there is often some confusion about who is responsible for health and safety in the workplace. The UK generally has a safer working culture than the rest of the EU but… Read More »

How Does Health and Safety Apply To Lone Workers

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Many people in the UK are deemed as ‘lone workers’. If you regularly work by yourself without direct supervision, then you fall under this category. In fact, many people don’t even realise they are lone workers because while they might physically work with other people, they don’t work with their… Read More »

What Is IOSH’s Work 2022 Health & Safety Strategy?

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We are generally safer in the workplace today than we have ever been at any point in the past. This is largely due to stricter legislation and health and safety regulations that have effectively dealt with lax safety practices. Employers are under more scrutiny than ever to ensure the wellbeing… Read More »

Cost Recovery Dispute Process To Become Independent Of HSE

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The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) that ensures businesses are following relevant health and safety legislation has announced that it is aiming to make the cost recovery dispute process fully independent. In recent years, there has been a clampdown on businesses that breach health and safety law either by putting… Read More »

Putting Proper Waste Management Into Practice At Work

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Discarding of your business waste is of paramount importance in order to comply with health and safety regulations. Many businesses fall foul of these laws every year and the fines for incorrectly or illegally disposing of commercial waste can run into the tens of thousands of pounds and imprisonment is… Read More »

What Is The ‘Helping Great Britain Work Well’ Strategy?

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Since the 1974 Health and Safety at Work Act was passed, the UK has become one of the safest countries to work in. In terms of fatalities at work, the UK had 0.51 per 100,000 employees in 2013 which was significantly lower than France (2.94 per 100,000 workers, Italy 1.24… Read More »

Has Sick Leave Fallen Over The Past 10 Years?

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Surely we have all considered ‘throwing a sickie’ at some point in our working lives. In the vast majority of cases employees genuinely are sick. This can be either physical illness or a mental health issue and it is the reason why we are allowed a certain amount of sick… Read More »

What Impact Does Mental Health Have On Health & Safety?

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Health and safety is often associated with physical problems. When you think of safety in the workplace most people conjure up the image of someone falling off a ladder or not shutting down machinery properly. While we blogged about Reducing Workplace Stress to Improve Health and Safety a few months… Read More »

Is Safety Coaching Really Necessary?

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Workplace coaching is a big business. Millions of pounds every year is spent on bringing in external coaches or training managers to coach employees. This usually involves guiding someone through a particular process to find the answers themselves. It aides personal and professional development and it is an effective way… Read More »

How To Look After Your Wellbeing In An Office Environment

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There are currently over 10 million people who work in offices across the UK. This makes up around 1/3 of the total number in employment however health and safety for office workers can often be an overlooked subject. Surely sitting at your desk and attending a few meetings everyday won’t… Read More »

Can You Get A Half Day Because Your Workplace Is Too Cold?

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It’s the middle of January. You’ve just got back into the swing of things at work after being off over Christmas and your workplace is freezing. We all know the person that tries to get everyone half day because of the thermostat has dipped below a certain level. It rarely… Read More »

How A First Aid Course Can Save Lives In Your Workplace

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Training staff on first aid is something that every business across the country should take seriously. It is the law to have adequate first aid resources and a dedicated ‘first aidder’ in the workplace. The Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations 1981 were established so that adequate personnel, equipment and facilities… Read More »

Why Should Workers Take A Health and Safety Course?

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Do you enjoy training at work? Does spending a day undertaking health and safety training sound like something that will benefit your job or does it sound like something that is a waste of time? The fact is that health and safety training is a vital part of any modern… Read More »

What Powers Do Health and Safety Inspectors Have?

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Health and safety is vitally important to every business in this day and age. Some think that it only really applies to building sites, factories or agricultural companies. The fact is that health and safety law applies to everyone and businesses from all sectors are often in breach of regulations…. Read More »

Is Your Business At Risk If You Don’t Follow Health and Safety Law?

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Health and Safety breaches don’t just result in workplace injuries and employee’s spending time off work. Your business is under threat from being prosecuted too. In 2015-16 HSE and Scotland’s Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service (COPFS) saw a 6% rise in the number of cases prosecuted across Great Britain… Read More »

Pass Plus

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Introducing Project Skills Solutions’ Pass Plus. If you don’t meet the pass requirements of your IOSH Managing Safely course, we’ll invite you back to retake all or part of the course, free of charge. The Pass Plus scheme is now available on NEBOSH National General Certificate courses too.  How does Pass… Read More »

Reducing Workplace Stress To Improve Health And Safety

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Everyone gets stressed at work. You might have a deadline coming up or you are just taking too much on at the one time. The problem with stress is that it can severely impact on health and safety. A survey of 1000 health and safety reps that was conducted by… Read More »


The room size was just right. The facilities were comfortable and the refreshments were free flowing providing an environment that was perfect for concentration. The trainer (Robin) was excellent. He maintained a pace that everyone was able to keep up with, the subject matter was kept interesting, he was evidently… Read More »

Debbie Dowsett

On day 1, Keith described the three types of people that attend courses and I was identified as a hostage! Attending this course was a requirement and I will be honest, I had a mountain of paperwork on my desk and did not want to be there. By the end… Read More »

Dave Critchell – ARCS Environmental Ltd

I organised IOSH Managing Safely for staff all of whom enjoyed the 4 days and I am pleased to say all passed. I have had very positive feedback about Robin the trainer and the course has generated a great deal of discussion and thought . My contact Jo at PSS… Read More »

Peter Dickinson – East Hertfordshire District Council

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